About Us

FlexComp Administration Services, Inc. was conceived in 1981 when only the largest corporations in America had the resources to take advantage of Cafeteria Plans. In 1984, the Internal Revenue Service issued Proposed Regulations for Cafeteria Plans. While the regulations provided the necessary guidance for smaller businesses to enter into Cafeteria Plans, they also pointed to the need for competent administration services such as those envisioned by the founders of FlexComp.

Today, employers and employees across the nation recognize Cafeteria Plans as the most popular employee benefit available. In addition to providing excellent tax advantages, Cafeteria Plans often become the "vehicle of choice" for long term benefit planning. Employers recognize that Cafeteria Plans are a "must" for recruiting and retaining top notch employees.

FlexComp was founded on sound business principles with a mission to be the choice company for providing fee-based employee benefit plan services. We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and excellence in our daily tasks of serving our clients.

FlexComp and its staff of professionals are an unmatched resource for assistance at each step of Cafeteria Planning. From design to employee communication, to routine maintenance, we are an employee owned company committed to quality services at competitive prices, while providing our shareholders with a profitable return on investment.


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